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Apple iPhone 6 Plus stock depleted, iPhone 6 still holding up


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As you know, today is the day Apple’s latest iPhone 6 smartphone duo went on pre-order. Booking your unit was hardly the smoothest experience, but despite the server hiccups Apple managed to go through the initially available iPhone 6 Plus stock.

All versions of the first Apple phablet now show an estimated delivery wait of 3 to 4 weeks across the Apple stores in the US, Germany, Canada, France, Australia, Japan, Singapore and the UK. Strangely enough – the company’s online store in the final country to get the phablet in the first wave, Honk Kong, is listing the iPhone 6 Plus as unavailable.

Things are looking better for the 4.7” Apple iPhone 6. All units and versions that are pre-ordered now will still be delivered on launch date, September 19, in the US.

In the UK and Germany the 64GB versions are all out, matching the estimated shipping on the iPhone 6 Plus, but the 16GB and 128GB flavors are readily available. Keep in mind that Apple doesn’t guarantee launch-day delivery in Britain and Germany, though – you may need to wait until the end of the following week even if you successfully place a pre-order.

The picture in the other Apple stores is pretty similar – 64GB versions, which are enjoying the highest demand as expected, are out of stock, but other storage options are readily available. The good news is server issues seem to have been resolved now and all Apple Store websites function smoothly.


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And to think those hypocritical Kool-Aid drinking iTards were blasting Android and WP phablet users all this time over the size of their phones, while pretending to love their puny little 3.5/4" iToys. :mad2:

Of course, the standard counter to that would be, 'your phablets are 'laggy' whilst ours' is buttery smooth'. Oh well.

Congratulations to the iTards anyways. They'll now finally know what they were missing out on all this while, once they get used to a big@$$ Full HD screen. Something most Android and WP users have known for a while now. ;)

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