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I'll drive it around the block, and kick the tires :)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TorrentRover?

  • TorrentRover is a search tool. TorrentRover is NOT a torrent client.
  • TorrentRover saves time and headache by searching multiple sites at once and putting all the results into a single list for your consideration.
  • Search results are automatically refreshed so you never have to look at stale torrents.
  • If you’re new to torrents, there’s a handy points feature to help you pick the best result.
  • Downloading is easy too. Just double click what you want and it’s yours. If you decide you need to download more than one result from a search, you can select what you want and press Enter.
  • There’s even a weekly DVR-like feature so you can get your favorite TV shows.
  • There’s lots more under the hood, most of which can be adjusted to your exact needs in Preferences.

How do I download TorrentRover?

  • Click the big pretty download button on the home page of this website.

Is TorrentRover free?

  • Yes, completely, totally, 100% free.

Are there any limitations in the free version?

  • No, not at this time.

Are there any plans to charge for TorrentRover or limit it in any way?

  • There are plans to implement paid subscriptions in the future, but TorrentRover will always offer a free version. The limitations on the free version will be set such that they will not impact the average user. In other words, only if you’re a very heavy downloader would the change affect you significantly.

Is there a trial period?

  • No, not at this time, but when the time comes to introduce paid subscriptions, we will offer a free trial period so you can fall deeply in love with TorrentRover.
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Portable Version

ok after 10 mins using the portable version ( install it first...ya I know...installing a portable? ...YES in this case, ...roll eyes)

(portable will ask you where to extract files, just make a folder on desktop call it "Rover" or any name of your choosing, then it checks to see if you have .net framework installed ) read the readme file included!

use the portable link to use it


its a tad bit slow, it feels like its made in Java ( blurry interface in the preferences menus)

However, searching works nicely,

alot of results, and double clicking an entry works like clicking a magnet link, Vuze opens up, and ready to download!

So far, so good, I Like It :)

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Standard Installer Version UH OHHHHHH!!

umm wow ...never encountered anything like this....it will not let me install it!! :pos:


State?? ( what? ya mean NY?) Key? what fokking key? are you focking serious?

and then this...


Tried again....same result....so fok it, use the portable.... :) life is good.

Yet the portable version works flawlessly. I know, right?

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