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How To Install XP, 7, 8.1, & Win10 From The Same USB?


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I've been thinking it might be handy to have an all-in-one Windows setup USB flash drive that I can carry around that has installers for XP and Win7 on it, w/o the use of my portable cd/dvd rom.

Let say I have a 8GB flash drive and I want to put the following installers onto it:

  • Windows 7 32 & 64-bit
  • Windows XP 32-bit
  • Anti-Virus Software
  • The Legendary Hiren's CDBoot

Is it really possible? If yes.. What tools/software is far the best to deal about this kind of situations? Thanks.. :wub:

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The only thing I've been able to use to handle everything is Easy2Boot

I have XP all the way to 8.1, including all Enterprise SKUs and Server SKUs. All are is ISOs.

I can still boot Linux and all the other ISOs.

I've tried to DIY something for a long time but it is extremely difficult to handle XP because it won't work, and I never had a working ISO boot before.

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The answer is yes, try YUMI from http://pendrivelinux.com/

but it i think, 8GB won't fit to install all of those, you need more space to do that.

2nd for YUMI. and as for space, i currently have a 8gb flashdrive with the following

windows 7 ultimate x64 <i only use 64bit hence the reason i didnt put 32bit on there.

windows xp 32bit,

hirens boot cd 15.2

portable malwarebytres,

kaspersky antivirus,

2 utility suites, nirsoft and the otherone, with autoruns,


libreoffice portable, to run of the drive so extracted.

aida64 <doh i put everest but no its aida64


hitman pro 32 and 64bit version patched of course.

firefox portable,

the list continues... and i still have around a few megs left for anything that maybe required,

and i found a way to update kaspersky without having to download the image file when its updated.

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Here You Go: http://www.winsetupfromusb.com/

For XP, you should extract the ISO to a folder, then select it

For 7 and 8 Just select the ISO file

Browse the site carefully to better read the instructions for other OS and Suites

u just need to mount the iso


this is the only boot drive creator that can can handle any hard drive in the world (drivers !!!) almost 99.9% until this date ^_^

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Any benefit of keeping that outdated Windows XP ? pCwbcDv.gif

If you use it in a vm there is its like the smallest and lightest O/S it takes up less space than the others and uses less resources I also have ISOS to Windows 7 sp1 and 8.1 but the only one I keep in VM all the time is xp and Linux Light :)

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Is it possible to get an all-in-one Windows OS & Tools/Software on a single 32GB Flash Drive?:

  • Windows XP 32-bit
  • Windows 7 32 & 64-bit
  • Windows 8.1 32 & 64-bit
  • Windows 10 32 & 64-bit
  • Hiren's Boot / DLCD Boot

What could be the "BEST Tools" to handle all of those.. to be able to fit on a 32GB Flash Drive w/o any errors? I haven't tried YUMI or any related tools/software that's why I ask these questions again. Thanks in advance.. :wub:

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