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mp3 to CD format

Guest volko

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I want to get my mum "Ancora", a CD sung by some gay boy band called Il Divo. Being a lowly student, I can't POSSIBLY afford to buy it so a couple of hours ago, I downloaded the torrent and currently have the mp3's sitting on my PC. My dilemma is:

How am I going to burn that onto CD? They need to be in CD format. The only two audio encoding programs I have are Xilisoft Audio Encoder (which seems to encode to every format except CD) and Tunebite (useless).

Does anybody know where I could find a program that does what I need?

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You only need one burning app, and nothing is better than Nero.

Now, depending on what version you're after (they recently released version 7), you may want to think about it and search what you need it for. For me, version 7 was very buggy and I'm still using version 6 which is running perfectly.

If you're after version 7, it's on the homepage.

If you're after version 6, it's in this thread.

Once you've downloaded and installed it, open up "Burning Rom" and select what kind of CD you want to make. When you choose "Audio CD", it'll load up and ask you where you want to get your files from. It will convert and burn automatically.

Keep an eye on the bottom bar, as it tells you how much space you've used / got left.

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yeah, i'd go with 6.x too, if ya need the keygen PM me :P

edit: oh, and if your drive supports it, i'd enable over-burning AND short read-outs (advanced options). this way you'll be able to burn ~20MB more to each CD (i tend to aim for 715MB tho, to prevent any probs) ;)

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I'd still go with Nero. There's a reason why it's so widely used, and it's not to do with the name :P

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