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UltraISO Premium Edition 9.6.2 Build 3059


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70, UltraISO Premium 9.62 (August 19, 2014)

+) Improved writing disk image feature, supports mobile HDD disks with multiple partitions('Xpress write'), and takes much less time to prepare files

+) Supports resampling MP3 media file when making an Audio CD

*) Improved 'Check CD/DVD' fature

*) Fixed a bug with handling some dmg images

*) Fixed a bug with detecting some CD/DVD writers

*) Some minor improvements and bug fixes


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lol, you see guys, even sternog, king of warez, knows how to go to the official publicly open ezbsystems forum and see link, it must be a rocket science for him so he need keep that secretly, big secret, very big, bigger then big, just for them (the big secret elite warez society) :lol:

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You`re certainly dumb because developers did disable previous links to retails when seeing them posted everywhere in public. I got the link from AftarJjet in 2011 already, you`re just pulling bullshit on me telling about links on their forum. If the person on betabbs is you too, you should be wiped out of there, I saw you downloaded some of the keys released by me only for that forum, I guess you would like to waste them too in order to gain even more and more fame rofl. Because you never give a damn about such thing as credit, this is indeed rocket science for you.

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Come on, release more DVBViewer retail setup files, I bet you have plenty of them. I just have access to one person`s account for that software download since 2013, and guess what - it`s still working, because unlike you I don`t waste 2 watermarked setup files for a single version release.

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