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cFosSpeed 9.64 Build 2144


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cFosSpeed is a network driver, which attaches itself to existing Internet connections. It then optimizes data transfer by means of Traffic Shaping. Traffic Shaping is a method for optimizing the Internet traffic. It allows maximum speed while ensuring minimal Ping. You can use cFosSpeed with a router and/or a DSL-modem or cable-modem. You can also use cFosSpeed with other types of Internet access, ie. whenever you already have an existing Internet connection. cFosSpeed supports a wide variety of connections, like DSL, cable, ISDN, UMTS, etc.

Thanks to steven36 for the update.


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BSOD on Windows 8.1 with Update x64 :angry:

That is what they might have fixed - one might have thought (judging by the changelog)

cFosSpeed 9.64 build 2144 -- 21-Jul-2014:--

+ Added VDSL as medium. Setting this and switching on MTU optimization could result in a 2% speed increase. :) Thanks to -Alex- for inspiration.

+ Connections with protocols UNKNOWN and UNKNOWN_BULK are first matched against program names and only afterwards against protocols. Thus, if no proper protocol is detected, program prios take over (if possible, that is, if the program is listed and its prio is != normal) and only if those don't match, then protocol prio is used (but again, only if that is not set to normal).

x Fixed a bluescreen when sleeping/waking up.

x Fixed bug in TCP MSS optimization. This could have fixed a bug in bulk detection as well. Thanks to -Alex- for bug report.

x Hopefully fixed a bluescreen while deinstalling.

- Removed install warning with Qihoo 360safe and newer products.

- Changed headings and switches in "spd cons" from mss/lss/ass to mtu/ltu/atu, since they now show IP-agnostic values (MTU is TCP segment size minus TCP/IP header length, which is different in IPv4 and IPv6).

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BSOD on Windows 8.1 with Update x64 :angry:

Fine here so far, after updateing useing the same 8.1 with Update x64 :)

I had BOSD with cFosSpeed 9.04 build 2051 so i never did try it no more tell cFosSpeed 9.62 build 2135 I updated to cFosSpeed 9.64 build 2144 no BSOD so far.

Edited by steven36
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Console dont work for me on this version,maybe wrong adress in chrome browser??

win 7 ult 64bit

It works for me when i put in spd pingstat in the Console.

Pretty much I use this software for vpn when downloading and browsing at the same time . It does what says it does it shapes traffic.

If your not having no problems without it.. i would not recommend it . I used it without a VPN back a few years ago it seemed to pull back my download speed and my browsing is not effected when I turn the vpn off . On my other vpn its not even effected . If its not broke why fix it ? there's no magic beans that's going to speed your internet up much more than it is. If you want faster internet you will have to buy it .

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