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µTorrent v3.4.2 Build 32126


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-- 2014-06-27: Version 3.4.2 (build 32126) Stable
- Fixed: crash UI main thread post message to IEThread when IEFrameThread is not ready
- Fixed: Crash when dispatching/enumerating torrent labels
- Fixed: Bug that would make IPBlock fail when merging some ranges
- Fixed: Bug returning the PeerID string for some web requests
- Fixed: Deleting a tracker would sometimes not disconnect necessary peers
- Fixed: Pieces tab sorting bugs
- Fixed: Single dialog to delete multiple RSS feeds
- Fixed: Crash when using web pairing
- Fixed: uninstall issues in XP
- Fixed: manual upgrade/downgrade behavior
- Fixed: behaviors regarding install when another copy is running
- This is an update to the new installer beta
- Now supports standalone and portable mode
- Significant fixes to UI display and overall functionality with IE7 installed

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See, if this might be right file and version, any newer version I was not able to find.

NB! Before installing and running this, close all other versions, also Bittorrent.

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