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Gilisoft Full Disk Encryption problem


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Hello, try to explain my problem with my bad english :)

Today I've encrypted my laptop HDD with Gilisoft Full Disk Encryption.

All good until finished the encryption, but when I open the gilisoft it appears as not encrypted and with the option to encrypt again if I try to encrypt again it pops-up to insert the password and I do it, it tries to encrypt but it stops after 2 seconds.

If I try to uninstall Gilisoft it says is not possible to do it because system boot device is encrypted but at the software I'm not able to select the option decrypt....

it's not any password problem because I know it!

What can I do?

thanks in advance for any help

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when u reset pc or laptop do u see it ask for password ? and not ur windows password

I use this program all the time

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