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Bubble Records


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Germany, 1992

The biggest spherical soap bubble of 2,3 meters in circumference..


Pacific Science Center Seattle Washington, U.S.A. August 11, 1997.

The world's largest bubble wall of 156 feet (47,40m) in length


Hollywood, California U.S.A. May 5th 1999

The most bubbles inside bubbles 9 concentric bubbles inside each other


Paris France Guinness Prime Time TV March 29th 2000

The new record for the most bubbles inside bubbles 11 concentric bubbles inside each other.


Wavrin France April 1st 2000

“PASSAGE Into a Bubble Hemisphere”.

Fan Yang created one of the most incredible world records. His daughter slid into a bubble hemisphere going through the bubble film without bursting it.


Fan Yang (Canada) enclosed 8 people inside a single soap bubble at Discovery Science Center In Santa Ana CA U.S.A. on 7th of April 2004

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How can you go through a bubble without bursting it?

It can be done by making sure that you go very slow or wetting yourself. It's the same trick with baloons and a pin. You can stick in pin in a balloon if you make sure it's wet beforehand.

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