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Applications are "not respoding" in one user profile


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Hi guys,

I have a strange issue. All programs on my Windows 8.1 are showing "not responding" for one second then don't. I don't know if I'm explaining it well. It' continuously does not respond for 1 second, and then it works, and then it's stops responding for 1 second and so on. I narrowed it down to my user profile. Issue does not happen in new profile I created. Now, it's really pain to transfer everything to new profile, and I'm searching for a way to fix this issue in the current user profile. Any ideas? Thanks.

Cheers ;)

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Probably is. But it is really annoying to move everything to new profile, so I was hoping for some fix.

Cheers ;)

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what happen if you turn off av?

currently using win8.1u1 x64 and having the same problem with ff but might due to low ram..only 2gb with KIS14 installed :lol:

turn off av and it almost dissappear..

i don't have the problem when using win7sp1 x86 before

maybe due to windows update create problem in the current profile while downloading and installing update

the dism command might help

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