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[HELP] windows 7 always checking disk


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guys i want your suggestion

i have 2 hdd both 320 gb

hard disk 0 = windows 7 x64

hard disk 1 = windows 8.1 x64

they have separted MBR ... to make the boot clean and no need to select on windows BCD

so on startup i select a prior hard disk ..

whether hard disk 0 or hard 1

so i select hard disk 1 and windows 8.1 load..

when i shutdown the pc

and boot the pc again..

at this time i select hard disk 0 = windows 7

and windows 7 loading..

it check all the partition on both HDD

everytime i shutdown windows 8.1 and selecting windows 7 next at boot

is this because of the new features of windows 8 the "startup faster" in the power option

that's why when i select windows 7 it send a dirty bit on all my hdd?


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when i select windows 7 it send a dirty bit on all my hdd?

:yes: Disable Fast Startup on Windows 8.1 and try..

Why disable ‘Fast Startup’?

Failure to disable the fast startup option can result in ‘Check Disk’ (chkdsk) running when installing Windows 7. You may also no longer see the dual boot menu the next time you turn on your computer. Also if you have more than 1 disk drive chkdsk will run each time you shut down from within Windows 8 and then boot to Windows 7.

Fast Startup in Windows 8 is designed to close and reopen by fast booting (Hybrid Boot), it has left your system in a partially hibernated state, with the drive mounted and according to Microsoft "effectively saving the system state and memory contents to a file on disk (hiberfil.sys) and then reading that back in on resume and restoring contents back to memory."

Turning off the “fast startup/hybrid boot” option fixes the chkdsk problem during the installation of Windows 7, the missing boot menu problem (more on this later) and the multiple disk drives “Dirty bit” issue when booting to Windows 7.Windows 8 may take little longer to boot but not all that much as to be meaningful. Boot times for Windows 7 are unaffected and the boot menu will be displayed each time you turn on or reboot the computer.

Source:How to Dual Boot Windows 8 with Windows 7?

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You can use the Disable_Auto_Check_Disk.rar file from the following download link:--


  • UnRAR Disable_Auto_Check_Disk.rar
  • Run the registry entry; Disable_Auto_Check_Disk.reg

Alternatively, if you're using Yamicsoft Windows Manager, you can use the following:


  • Navigate to Information >> Repair Centre >> System repair (III) >> (check out the illustration within the following Spoiler.)


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ok go to start- type command - then right clik on command prompt and select run as administrator.

now type fsutil dirty query diskname:

e.g - fsutil dirty query c:

like that check every drive

if u find any drive is dirty then do check disk for that drive

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If you still find it tough to wash the dirty disk - use ample & generous portions of Phenol. :sneaky:

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