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get path to windows 8.1 while downloading it through windows store


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i have windows 8 pro with media centre. (original). I went to windows store and started downloading free windows 8.1.
i want to know where the file is being downloaded so i can keep a backup of that. Is it possible.?

posting it afresh as i am not able to find answer in some of the threads i have seen

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I'd strongly urge you to not use the in-place upgrade that you're attempting to - it's a good opportunity for you to use a full and clean install (albeit with more efforts and time in re-installing and reconfiguring all your software & drivers, from scratch.)

Let me know if you want me to provide you with a fast, single file, download link with resumable capability.

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As @Alex says, When the download is complete and your computer needs to restart, look in your C:\ drive for $Windows.~BT folder which is hidden so you need to view hidden folders copy this folder.

you need to backup the download before you restart your computer to apply the upgrade as it will delete the files after the upgrade.

The store download does not contain a boot.wim file , if I remember correctly ? Easily overcome, but suggest to you after finishing upgrading to windows 8.1 WMC ( yours is genuine, as i read it), backup the activation with Advanced Tokens Manager.

You will then need a Win8.1 update WMC ISO (from murphy ;) part of his AIO ISO, found on nsane (or make your own) as this will be needed by you for any future installs anyway) and as my amigo @dcs, rightly says, performing a clean install is always better, and then this can simply be reactivated with ATM.

(This also applies to anyone with WMC, if backed up activation, you need to install a WMC ISO in order to reinstall and reactivate or can simply be activated with Microsoft Toolkit)



@dcs, nice to see the old avatar in use :D

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