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hundreds of bookmarks ,how to manage them ?how to put them on fingertips ?


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hundreds of bookmarks ,how to manage them ?how to put them on fingertips ?

if bookmarks are more ,will it slow down the firefox/takes maximum RAM ?

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I would like to know this as well. I have over the years collected thousands of bookmarks, some never to be read again and some that I always forget and have to goto the bookmark folder and search for again. Really time consuming. I have over the years experimented with tons of different bookmarking apps.

This is my current setup.


I use OneTab, its excellent, just recently found this extension and its good because I usually have about 20 tabs open at any given time

RSS Feeds

I use feedly for my RSS feeds (which I have over 1k sites to). Yes, I have a thousands of bookmarks.

I also use FeedDemon Pro (Its free now and excellent) for certain RSS feeds that I check once a week for more important stuff, that is intergrated with ifttt.com for automated rss feeds. I personally like the touch of feeddemon and only load it up once a day to look at specific things ive macroed at ifttt (ebay, craigslist, dropbox, google alerts).


I use Pocket and Chrome browsers default bookmarker (which I fking hate btw) Chromes bookmark search is horrid, they took out Recent Bookmarks and can't search Folders. Pocket is cool, but too far overfetched for a simple bookmarker which I want to organize and categorize without filling in 500 tags and descriptions. I need a better bookmarker app that actually reads the page and auto tags it and titles.

Possible good ones:

Ive heard about pinboard.in but 12 bucks seems farfetched without a trial. I also heard it is one of the best bookmarkers ive been looking for but havent pulled the trigger.

Linkman pro - about to try this, and looks good so far

Others I've tried...

dewey - chrome bookmark manager that integrates with chromes bookmarks for tagging, meh

licorize - costs too much for doing too little.

XMarks - Ugh, don't get the hype, super bloatware.

Delicious - Ugh, bloated and after yahoos acquisition, even more ugh

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In my opinion you may use third party book mark managers,

they offer more features than built in, just like monitoring, downloading, archiving, sending emails if something change on your bookmark page etc

I have used/try following bookmark/monitor manager.

  • Check & Get (Good features)
  • UpdatePatrol (obsilete but good bookmark manager)
  • Linkman Pro
  • Website-Watcher (Best bookmark manager)
  • MetaProducts Inquiry Professional (Best software and more features, even you can can save Facebook pages )
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