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I need your advice "theme RAM DISK"


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I chose a 2 gb ram disk to use.

Is there software should or even not be outsourced to the ram disk?

many thanks to you geeks ;)

Im looking for a video converter that is cacheable...(mean that I can set the temp path to ram disk)

Winrar is already outsourced ....

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Intel HD Graphics 3000 (3. generation)

from i5 core

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then u should use Mediaconverter8 to use ur intel QS HW acceleration feature built in ur GPU


and the registration

Site: http://pastebin.com
Sharecode[?]: /ujWGazdJ

Info : If you are having troubles activating, use CCleaner to clean your computer. Once finished, reinstall Arcsoft MediaConverter and try activating again.Get CCleaner here ( thanks Robert for the tip )
RTMP :1935
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Fixed Sharecode.
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great...Ill test it straight away...i already put temp path of IDM and some others on my RAM DISK and its seems to have realy speed improvements in "putt downloads together" and WINRAR also faster with Temp in RamDisk...

I will convert a video later and test if theres a significant improvement!


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Yes I know, but I took 2 gb ram for the disk...If a bigger files downloaded I change the cache path...!

But unfortanatly I didnt found a good converter with a temp path to set up manualy...

I keep configuration now, cause Im happy with speed and such...

A RamDisk is ok but not that I expected ;)


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I put the Internet Cache from IE on the ram disk...

and this is crazy...smooth n blazing fast browsing!

this is nice


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