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If you missed it: Windows Phone 8.1 released and Office updated


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This has been the week of Windows Phone 8.1 Having been announced at Build earlier in the month, developer were finally able to get their hands on the massive mobile update -- in fact, anyone is able to download it. Interest levels were so high that the download servers struggled to cope. But if you did have trouble with the download, it was worth the wait...

There is a lot to investigate in Windows Phone 8.1 and here at WinBeta we featured all manner of tip and tricks to help you get started, including revealing how to see more tiles on the home screen and how to enable Cortana outside of the US. The feature list for Windows Phone 8.1 is lengthy and impressive, and there is now the option of pinning websites as Live Tiles.

For anyone who needed to get up to speed about just what Windows Phone 8.1 means, Microsoft released a selection of helpful videos, and there was also a guide to the new security features aimed at enterprise user. On top of this was a hands-on video to help you get started.

Even though Windows Phone 8.1 has just been released, there are already rumors circulating about what we could expect to see in GDR2, including 2k resolution support. How about the idea of a Windows Phone with a physical keyboard? Continuing to look to the future, there is the promise of even better things to come from the already impressive Cortana, which was this week shown being used to control an automated lighting system.

But while Windows Phone 8.1 may have dominated the headlines, there was also news for Office users. The official launch of Office 365 Personal saw the price of a subscription dropping to just $6.99 per month, and while the office suite is hardly struggling to maintain its user numbers, this is a great way to get newcomers onboard.

This was not the only Office-related news from the week. Office Remote received an update that added a number of PowerPoint features, and the launch of Office in the Chrome Web Store could introduce a new range of online users to the suite.

That was the past week in a nutshell -- here's hoping that the next seven day are just as action packed!

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