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LEAKED: This Is Amazon's 3-D Smartphone


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After months of rumors, Amazon may be close to unveiling its first smartphone, a report says.

Photos obtained by BGR claim to show a prototype of Amazon's long-fabled smartphone. As previous reports have indicated, five cameras are clearly visible on the front of the device. There's a camera in each corner and one standard front-facing camera.

The photos didn't show the back of the device, but we're assuming that there's a main camera on the back for taking photos, since BGR reports that there are six cameras total. The cameras on the front are meant for creating 3-D visual effects, as other outlets have reported.

BGR says it has spoken with several trusted sources regarding Amazon's smartphone.

The device pictured is covered by a protective shell to keep its design from being revealed. BGR says the handset looks like most other touchscreen-style "candy-bar" smartphones on the market, besides the addition of multiple cameras on its face.

The smartphone shown in the photo is said to be one of two devices the company plans to launch in the near future, according to BGR. The handset pictured will be a higher-end flagship model, while the second will be an entry-level budget smartphone.

The entry-level configuration won't come with multiple cameras and 3-D capabilities. This lines up with previous reports concerning Amazon's smartphone from The Wall Street Journal, The Information, and TechCrunch.

BGR reports that this higher-end phone will come with a 4.7-inch 720p display and be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

The main selling point will be the glasses-free 3-D interface made possible by the handset's multiple cameras. The four cameras in each corner of the device are said to be low-power infrared cameras. Those cameras will be able to track your face and eyes in relation to the display, which would enable Amazon's software to make adjustments based on viewing angles.

This 3-D perspective will be incorporated into wallpapers and apps, the source reportedly told BGR.

Amazon is expected to make an announcement regarding smartphones within two to three months, with the target of launching a smartphone this summer.


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