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Reformating PC


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I posted about a virus on my computer in the Tavern but I give up on doing that. Now how exactly do you do it? Can you reformat a PC without using the CD that was included with a computer? I don't even remember there being a CD with my computer.

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It's a HP computer. As I said I don't have a CD. No recollection of there ever being one.

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Dear RudeBoy ...

I work in HP(home desktops)...

So gimme ur model/product/system number and serial number...

ur telephone #...

I will see if I can send u a recovery CD

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If it was purchsed after 2002 you might have a recovery partition on ur system....

shut down ur system....

as soon as u restart the system Keep tapping on F10 key on the 1st line of ur keyboard....

it should start HP Recovery ...

once in recovery...click on Advanced options... choose destructive recovery (if u have that option to click on)....

if not it should by default be set on Destructive recovery....

click on next and then yes on the next page to start the recovery

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It was purchased in 2002. I can't get the model number and serial number and everything else because it is packed up right now. I'll see when I can find out the model number and everything else. Thanks.

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