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The Rise of American Totalitarianism


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The Rise of American Totalitarianism

Last Thursday, Mozilla, the company that's home to the web browser Firefox, forced the resignation of CEO Brendan Eich. What, precisely, had Eich done wrong?

Back in 2008, Eich had donated $1,000 to the Proposition 8 effort backing traditional marriage in California. Dating website OKCupid posted a ban on Firefox traffic, issuing a message to Firefox users instead: "Those who seek to deny love and instead enforce misery, shame, and frustration are our enemies, and we wish them nothing but failure." That ban reportedly prompted the action at Mozilla.

Of course, it was the people pushing for Eich's ouster who were enforcing "misery, shame, and frustration." Eich had never brought his politics into the workplace. Mozilla had no history of treating homosexuals differently, and no single instance of Eich doing so could be documented. Nonetheless, he had violated the dictates of the Thought Police. And thus he was ousted.

It's a disturbing story, to be sure. But it's also just the tip of the iceberg: Unfortunately, the same folks administering the private Thought Police would love to extend their control into the realm of government. These are not libertarians arguing for the right to hire and fire as you see fit in the private market. These are power brokers seeking to use whatever means necessary to quash opposition.

That's why gay couples have sued photographers, bakeries and florist shops, attempting to shut them down if they refuse to cater to same-sex weddings. That's why the Obama administration has attempted to fine businesses that do not wish to pay for health coverage they deem sinful. The underlying idea: If the left dislikes what you do, the left can compel you not to do it. As Kevin Williamson of National Review writes, American society is quickly morphing into a system governed by T.H. White's totalitarian principle: "Everything not forbidden is compulsory."

Freedom is secondary to the yays and nays of the governing few in this vision. Freedom is merely that which the government allows — and the government should only allow you to do the bidding of the left. If you, recognizing that sometimes people will take action with which you disagree, believe that government should stay out of people's business, you must therefore be an advocate for discrimination and brutality.

To allow Eich to work is to discriminate against gays. To allow religious businesses to reject contraceptive mandates is to push women into back alley abortions. Forget the notion of disagreeing with your opinion, but defending your right to say it — in the view of the leftist totalitarians, such a notion is inherently unworkable.

When fascism comes, it will come not with jackboots but with promises of a better world. The jackboots come later, when we've all been shamed into silence — when we've been taught that to allow that with which we disagree is to agree with it, and when we've accepted that the best method of preventing such disagreement is government power.

We're on the verge. All it will take is the silence of good people — people on all sides of the political aisle — who fall prey to the ultimate temptation in a republic: the temptation to force their values on others utilizing the machinery of government. We're already more than halfway there.

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When fascism comes, it will come not with jackboots but with promises of a better world. The jackboots come later, when we've all been shamed into silence — when we've been taught that to allow that with which we disagree is to agree with it, and when we've accepted that the best method of preventing such disagreement is government power.

​so....explain what putin is doing..is he planning a boy scout jamboree

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Okay...well here is the other side of the news, not being reported anywhere else, and the truth is, that this is a publicity stunt masterfully pulled off..

This issue is multi-faceted and I really dont like whats happening in my country.

I will however continue to use Firefox, Waterfox, and Cyberfox browsers because they are infinitely safer then Chrome...

my computer doesnt give a crap about the politcal leanings of humans.

Myself personally I dont really give a crap about the opinions surrounding this issue .

here are a few sides of this conversation. just some things to take into consideration .

I am hetero, and I dont really give a crap what your sexual preference orientation is - thats YOUR business, not mine or anyone elses.

I will not respond to any personal attacks on me, and this is all I will post on this issue. :)

haters gonna hate...if you're a hater you're a hater. I could care ...but I really don't....Yawnnnn


It has now been learned that the head honcho of OkCupid is a guy by the time of Sam Yagan.

He started a company called eDonkey, was a peer-to-peer site dedicated to stealing apps and programs. It's a pirate site.

But, this guy personally gave money to Utah Republican Chris Cannon, who served in Congress from 2007 to 2009. He left Congress in 2009.

He voted against every gay marriage initiative that came up, and this guy at OkCupid supported him.

The guy at OkCupid funded, according to the left, anti-gay bigotry. He funded anti-gay hatred. Chris Cannon. I remember this guy. He was in 2007 to 2009 for Utah and strongly opposed same-sex marriage. He even supported a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a man-woman-only thing.

The guy that ran OkCupid gave money to him.

The guy that ran OkCupid suggested a boycott of Mozilla.

It was a publicity stunt.

The OkCupid guys were not down for the struggle.

They were not into the cause.

It was a pure publicity stunt -- and it worked.

They got a guy canned.

They got a guy forced out.

So actually a guy who has supported "anti-gay bigotry and hatred" in the form of donations to a Republican congressman from Utah --

and, by the way, I'm being euphemistic, of course.

Chris Cannon simply opposed gay marriage.

Some info on Sam Yagan: and his donations to the anti-gay movement


on the othert side of the coin, is supporing a candidate with multiple issues,

also supporting a single issue such as a donation to prop 8?


Proposition 8 PASSED in California, as voted on by the citizens of California!

I got an e-mail: "Rush, did you see that on the list of the Prop 8 voters, where they found Brendan Eich's $1000, 60% of Intel employees gave money to Prop 8, standing for traditional marriage?" Sixty-percent! (interruption) I know. It won. That's the thing.

People have forgotten: It won 52 to 47. Yes, the majority of people in California were hateful! That's exactly right.



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