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Get Old New Tab back in Chrome 33+

Roger D

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As we all know that The option to re-enable the old-look New Tab Page in Google Chrome through disabling the ‘Instant Extended API’ was removed in the most recent update (Chrome 33+) to the stable channel.. :s

But here is the best extension through which you'll be able to get the Old new Tab back..(although recently closed button and sign in button are missing).. :) :) :)

Extension Link...(Download) :showoff:

Here's the default New Tab:


Here's New Tab using extension..


If you don't want these thumbnails..then just go to Tools --> Extensions.. and then click Options


Then set both options to zero and Apply..

(You can adjust it as per your requirements.)


And here's you got the clean New Tab..


Enjoy... :) :) :)

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Anyone using AdBlock extension in chrome..Must try this awesome Ad blocking extension Adguard ADBlocker ..Far better than AdBlock in every aspect..(even in popup blocking) .. :rockon:

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here's another extension which u can give a try:



gives u preset option to change to variety of new tab page( including blank one)

also u can set any page as ur new tab page



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