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Netrunner; Looks like more Linux Goodness.


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Netrunner looks very good to me - and I will likely try it out myself when I have the time.

Perhaps others here are already using it and would like to tell what they think of it ??


Here are various infos from their site's pages which may be helpful for anyone curious:

The Concept

Netrunner is built on Kubuntu->Ubuntu->Debian core.
This allows Netrunner to inherit the work that the respective communities already put in.
With Blue System sponsoring developers from Kubuntu and KDE, we concentrate on developing the KDE Desktop Workspace further and are able to bring new parts into Netrunner early on.
Our main goal is to make the desktop feel snappy, sharp and robust.
We want to give you, the user the feeling again, that you actually _own your computer_, that you’re in control and have the freedom to make it work any way you want it.

The Netrunner Team is focused on making the KDE Desktop as snappy and responsive as possible.
Sponsoring parts of the KDE development, we also concentrate on new technologies
and include them in Netrunner as soon as they are ready for useage, for example:

- Kicker Startmenu (Drag’n'Drop-Sidebar, Windows/Meta-Key-Popup, Search enabled)
- Task-Manager with Expanding Icons
- Netrunner Desktop Workspace (classic icons-on-a-clean-desktop, no overlays)
- Hot-Spot “Show Desktop” in lower right corner
- Auto-started KWallet
- Simplified System Settings
- Optimized KWin, so Open-GL-FX work on most low-end machines
- Pulseaudio
- Firefox with KDE Integration
- Unified Look for KDE and non-KDE-applications

while the Rolling Release is based on Manjaro/arch package management.

The Features

- Netrunner Desktop Containment (clean folderview, hidden plus/minus overlays)
- Improved KWin performance, so full transparency fx work on most lower end machines
- Automatic KWallet Active
- Hot-Corner in lower right
- Simplified System Settings
- Alsa instead of Pulseaudio for best stability/performance (intel hda)
- Firefox with Mozilla App-Store

- STEAM Client: available for easy install
- Virtualbox + Dosbox installed

Netrunner comes in two versions:
Standard Release is based on Kubuntu/debian package management
while the Rolling Release is based on Manjaro/arch package management.

I can state neither a personal opinion nor claim any experience with this distro yet - but here is a review by Spatry - who seems to think very highly of it in the Manjaro version:

Their site is here, and looks very well made indeed=>


Enjoy !!

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