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Baidu & Qihoo 360


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Hi Guys. I just wanted to get some firsthand comments on these two antivirus solutions. I have read reviews and they are both very good it seems.

So, do any of you guys use either and how are they in terms of 'lightness' on the system?

I'm really interested to see if one can replace some of the western big dogs. XD

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Go for

Qihoo 360 = 360 Internet Security

light on system..and combined scanners make it the best.. :)

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Go for Qihoo 360 Internet Security.. fast and free forever..

i am using this for last 6 months.. i am satisfied with it..

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Either one works fine Quihoo has more features. I have Baidu on my Mothers computer and it works fine.

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Qihoo 360 normally, should be installed standalone couldn't installed with the others in one machine.

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You know which gets my vote now? Both. Literally both, together.
I'm using them, and Baidu's claim of being Perfect Compatible [sic] is true.
Mind that all engines are on—Bitdefender,
Avira, QVM II, etc (with proactive defense off).
2 (or 3 if you count cloud) from Baidu and 3 from Qihoo,
Totaling 10 real-time engines that indeed complement each other —
I've never seen anything more effective, when one fails the other
catches the malware. And when two catch the same thing, they
don't lock each other, you can click "Remove" in all of them and
they happily say malware removed. Of course even this Chinese
behemoth isn't infallible.
So there you have it, I have found, as you can see, that Baidu and
Qihu can coexist and complement each other's detection rate very
Is the PC slow/heavy?
No, I wouldn't be using this combo if it slowed down the computer.
But most of the weight comes from Qihu, Baidu being
very light. Again, this is a full setting with all engines on, so
if it affects performance too much you can disable some engines
and/or use the fastest real-time setting (scan only when opening)
instead of medium. First install Qihoo 360 ans then Baidu.

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