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Smashed Xbox 360!


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Smash My Xbox 360

The Plan

From the creators of SmashMyiPod.com, we bring you, SmashMyXbox.com!

After we collect $430 in donations, we will take that money to a local unspecified retailer, which opens at 12am on the launch date. We will purchase the Xbox 360, and destroy it in front of the other Xbox fanboys who are already waiting in line. We will try to be at the very front of the line. The whole thing will be shot on film, and displayed on this site. This is only a social experiment, for the entertainment of the donors, and visitors of this site. For more info, read the faq.

November 22nd 2005 - 10am - Well, after 55 hours of pain, cold, and suffering, we have got our Xbox 360 and successfully smashed it outside Best Buy minutes later, with a large sledgehammer in front of a few Xbox Fanboys who just bought brand new 360s. Short video clip will be posted tomorrow (23rd) and the longer documentary style one will be posted with the next few days. For now, enjoy these pictures!








Smash my xbox!

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I'm sure the XBox 360 users that are havin the crashes on their systems would love to Smash theirs up right now

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lmao, they had the usual bums hangin around, "lemme get your controller" :P

Well in all honesty if I had been queuing up for hours for say, a PS3 and saw some guy smashing his latest purchase in the car park I'd prob do the same lol :P

Mind you, I'm not that sad to pitch a tent up outside the latest store. It's still be there in a week's time, and with much less hassle.

Kinda wishing one of them to freeze to death for being so stupid TBH :( It's all about bragging rights.

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I enjoyed watching the iPod's getting smashed and thrown around, for quite some time I'd watch the video from Winamp when I was bored and still laugh, but now, smashing what's worth more than my life is, towards gaming I meen , an X-Box 360 shouldn't be destroyed.

Only 110 North UK Residents managed to get a reserve on one, or just manage to get from somewhere. And that's out of the original '360 Invites' idea. It's just so un-greatful :o

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Guest elc0173

beeing a sony gaming fan (i know, sony and fan in the same sentance... whats the world coming to eh?) i LOVED seeing that thing get smashed.... id love to do the same, except without the wasting money part.........

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Damn theres me still waiting for xbox 360 (mainly couse of where i work argos not having any in xbox360 with hardrive at £279 Uk Pounds in stock:( they got 3 premimum pack in now but got no money was also waiting couse sometimes the laser are weak on lounche consoles and to see if it had any major bugs) and then someone buys 1 on us lounche date with donations through smashmyxbox.com and smashers the thing up lmao:( what is the sense in that when they could of sold it me lol;) anyways there still selling xbox360 with hardrive for over 500 pounds lol 1000 in us dollers

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Guest alex626av

ehh the video wasnt all that great it would have been funnier if they had done it inside the store but of course best buy would never go for that

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