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Goodsync Version 9.8.2


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Version 9.8.2 Mar 28, 2014
* SFTP: greatly speed up uploads and downloads by fixing slowness in protocol handler.
* FTP: Some servers return code 250, not 226 on successful LIST, allow it.
* Google Drive: fix a bug in MoveFolder, was caused by GetInfo changes.
* Options: Turn off Move Mode Delete Empty Folders option, folders will remain.
* Illegal Name warning: show it only once per name occurence, not for every path.
* gscp: fix bugs, make copy operations actually work, can do fast SFTP now.
* SyncLib: fix some bugs in handling of file system-specific file names, to fix some Not Founds.
* SyncLib: if file system cannot do CopyFileFs, then still use MoveFile when moving to RecycleBin.

Version 9.8.1 Mar 24, 2014

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