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Calibre Release: 1.30


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New Features
  • Cover Browser: Add an option to show covers with their original aspect ratio instead of resizing them all to have the same width and height. Option is in Preferences->Look & Feel->Cover Browser.

    Closes tickets: 1295902

  • PDF Output: Enable using javascript inside header and footer templates
  • Edit Book: When generating an inline ToC add a class attribute to all <ul> tags to make it easy to style a particular level of the ToC
  • Use abstract named sockets on linux for IPC, to avoid use of temp files for sockets
  • Drivers for the N800 and N950 Nokia MeeGo tablets
  • Edit Book Saved searches: Allow saving normal mode searches as well
  • Edit Book Saved searches: Add import/export functionality
  • calibredb add: Add option to specify language when adding books

    Closes tickets: 1295200

Bug Fixes
  • AZW3 Input: Handle files with garbage bytes in their table of contents.

    Closes tickets: 1297713

  • DOCX Input: Fix text from some paragraphs not being converted if the paragraph contains an inline forced page break and no formatted text or line breaks.

    Closes tickets: 1296817

  • calibre-customize: Do not error out if one of the installed plugins has no customization help when listing all plugins
  • Edit book: Fix error when exporting files on some windows systems with non UTF-8 filename encodings

    Closes tickets: 1298071

  • Edit Book: When beautifying treat <img> tags as block tags

    Closes tickets: 1297532

  • Linux binary build: Fix worker processes not working on linux systems with bash >= 4.3
  • PDF Output: Fix using __SECTION__ in header and footer templates resolving to the inscorrect section if a page with no sections follows a page with multiple sections.

    Closes tickets: 1295236

  • Cover Browser: Fix visual 'pop' when scrolling the first time
  • Grid View: Allow the left and right arrow keys to traverse over rows.

    Closes tickets: 1295901

Improved news sources
  • The Atlantic
  • Courrier International
  • Der Tagesspiegel
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