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Win ToolKit Final + Portable + DISM


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What's New in Version v1.4.37.20

*^FIX: Fixed adding drivers

*^FIX: Fixed Preset Manager always showing when unchecked
*^FIX: Updated theme patcher
*^FIX: RunOnce Installer not working when certain updates added
*^FIX: More temp path checking
*^FIX: Disable update compatibility checking
*^Moved to .NET 4
*^Alphawaves' Downloader check now > 1 hour instead of > 24 hours
*^Alphawaves' Downloader now sets Last Modified as release date
*^FIX: Alphawaves' Downloader list checking
*^FIX: Prevented ISO from being extracted to non-valid paths
*^FIX: AIO Integrator no longer flickers on load
*^FIX: Better update integration detection
*^FIX: Unmount no longer hangs when you choose to keep an image
*^FIX: Update reported as failed when multiple images selected
*^FIX: RunOnce updates now install in alphabetical order (easier)
*^FIX: Fixed adding IE and XP Mode to AIO Updates
*^FIX: Minor fix to Alpahwaves Downloader
*^FIX: Minor fix to Update Retriever
*^FIX: Fixed updates issue with RunOnce
*^FIX: Fixed taskbar update error
*^FIX: Error when pressing cancel on Browse ISO button (WIM Manager)
*^FIX: Fixed issue with RunOnce installer
*^FIX: .DOS driver files did not get expanded
*^More big errors moved onto new error system
*^Errorboxes now show full details to user
*^Moved more logging onto the new system
*^FIX: AIO RunOnce Integration
*^FIX: .BIN driver files did not get expanded

How to download from up.media1fire
U can use adblock plus to get rid off unnecessary fake download buttons or else u must use purple button like this picture in


Download Win ToolKit Final + Portable + DISM



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