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Bitdefender is a complete security protection designed to provide your computer with the latest technologies against viruses, phishing, hackers and other virtual threats that may come your way. Aside from the antivirus and antispyware Bitdefender also stops threats related to e-banking and ensure that your activity on social networks doesnt result in virus infections. The strong firewall, together with the USB immunizer makes sure that theres no breech in the security of your computer. In all, Bitdefender is an exceptional choice for users concerned about security and it will never let you down.


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i decided to move to bitdefender , do versions updated automatically ? what about medicine does it work with updates > has anyone tried this ?

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Yes , the versions are updated automatically.

I tried the med. on older versions and it worked ok . More details you can ask in forum , maybe there are others that use it now...

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in this new build,autoscan entry is changed to idle scan.BD is the best AV,IMHO.i've buyed 3 years license.

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so after update the medicine still work ?

I don't know what medicine did you mean but my subscription(i didn't buy a license) still ok.


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You can ask Cyberboom if he wants to give you acces to his med. (he has a topic in Coders Corner)

(that is the one I tried and it worked very fine)

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To be honest, i haven't tried..with the latest BD..because i still have BDTS keys...
by the logic it's will work ..TR just or similiar like re-arm...and then BD more easy
to cracked than eg KIS.....BD has several Variant eg BDIS,BDTS, Activation Key
BDIS you can't just applied to BDTS..so far my knowledge,..btw BDTR is made by
Cyberboom... :D
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