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DVD ROM Drive Problem


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my dvd-rom drive just recently stopped reading movie file types...asf avi mpeg wmv..etc...you get the point...if i even pop a disc in that has that type of media...it will just spin and do nothing else...it does read the disc...because i get a prompt asking me what i would like to do and which prog i would like to play the media with...but no matter what i do the disc just spins and the program i choose opens but won't play and freezes...if i put a disc with mp3s or pics...everything is all good...the rw drive plays everything just fine...i don't understand because it used to play everything...it just recently started giving me this problem...i checked the drivers and it said that it's working properly...help lol

ok, i have an update on this whole deal. i was totally wrong about the formats. although, it won't read some discs properly. the drive will load them with a prompt, and just keeps spinning the discs. the same goes for trying to open movie media with programs. it's not a media problem. it's obviously a drive problem. i can say that i don't recall putting these discs in the drive before. it will play some discs with those movie file types. others, it will not play. is this because of the way the discs were burned...i mean...help lol

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I mean, why dont you post on a REALLY GEEKY FORUM for... help lol


wow, why don't you just put a huge set of balls in your mouth like a filthywhore? the "help" is meant to look pathetic and stupid. i'm not actually crying for it.

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