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Change mobile phone company-recommendation


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Hi all

I have this mobile plan with t-mobile (contract expired 6 years ago)

-400 minutes any time

-200 text message per billing cycle

-price 30.00

- without internet

-roaming and text message in USA

-excess minutes over 400 at $0.45per minute

Www.simplemobile.com has a new plan as follows

-unlimited text and voice

-roaming in USA (text and voice)

-price $25.00

-no contract

-without internet

My question' is this to good to be true?

Any one has any experience with this company?

I am seriously planning to change unless I found something new that I am not aware of.

Thanks for the help.

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OMG, the prices are so high there. I pay for 800 MIN/SMS in the network, 120 MIN in other network, a Bonus of 120 MIN in the network and 250 MB network, for 7 Eur + 3.7 Eur for a music subscription and the mobile network that it used for the music app is free.

When you say no contract you mean a recharcable/disposal SIM?

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Look at the service coverage. One big problem with competitive mobile providers is that they charge so low for unlimited plans but when you get out of downtown core, you lose signal rendering your mobile phone useless. When that happens, your service jumps to roaming and that's when mobile service providers steal your money. By and large, it's better to pay more on services that work than pay less on poor service which is like paying for nothing.

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Well, if it's with no strings attached, I would go for the 2nd one, and if it has any limitation, then just sign with another service, you don't have anything to lose, just an opportunity to save money.

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