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Vidalia/Tor bundle connection


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Hello there,

when I connect to my internet via Vidalia/Tor connection, I receive the following messange:

"Potentially Dangerous Connection! - One of your applications established a connection through Tor to " this ip address" using a protocol that may leak information about your destination. Please ensure you configure your applications to use only SOCKS4a or SOCKS5 with remote hostname resolution"

I have my firefox socks host set as with port 9050 and socks5 as per vidalia guideline.

Can anyone pls help? Many thanks for your assistance in the matter.

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You need to search for option that force firefox to use SOCKS fro resolving hostnames, i dont use firefox, so i cant told where to find it (in seamonkey this option is under advanced proxy preferences)

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Thank you both for pointing me to the right direction. After much reading on the issue, I manage to resolve it by doing adding and amending the following line in about:config in firefox 29:

Adding line: DNSPrefetch = false

Amend line: network.proxy.socks_remote_dns = true

Again thank you very much

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