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Intel Bay Trail-T Processors Set for 2014 Release Exposed


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The Bay Trail-T line of central processing units from Intel is the one that will be used in future tablets. It is also one that hasn't been launched yet, and on which there is little information going around. Some still came out the other day though.

Intel released some product change notification documents recently, where it referenced some of the Bay Trail-T chips revealed back in January, specifically the Atom Z3700 series (B2 and B3 stepping).

It also specified eight more units that were not revealed back then, despite the fact that they, too, are Z3700 series models.

Called Z3735D, Z3735E, Z3745, Z3745D, Z3775, Z3775D, Z3785 and Z3795, they have a new stepping of their own (C0) and clocks of 1.33 GHz to 1.6 GHz.

As one can imagine, the best chip in the lot is the Atom Z3795, with 1.6 GHz frequency, followed by Atom Z3785 and Z3775D (1.5 GHz), Atom Z3775 (1.46 GHz) and the other four (1.33 GHz).

It's not totally clear what sets the newcomers apart from their like-clocked brethren. Intel will only unveil this as the launch date nears. Sadly, we do not know when that is supposed to be either. Perhaps in a month or two.

The Intel Atom Bay Trail-T Intel CPUs will power $99 / €99 to $200 / €200 tablets.


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