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Last limewire PRO without DRM


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I have found a .rar of 4.9.30 but it is passworded :lol: , can anyone tell me if they can/want to bypass the password? I dont know how to

I know what people are thinking "Frostwire" but for some reason i dont like it, I find that the "turbo-charged" connection actually does something (brings my d/l's to over 100 kbps-80 kbps average) in LW

much obliged

P.S. if anyone has the installer can they pass it on? I think Nsane should keep it on his site along with the updates of LW PRO. (directed at Nsane)

anyone? anyone at all??

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The Limewire PRO version without DRM would of been around about 4.9.20, try that. I have 4.9.23 and that's completely free of the DRM in action.

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