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Fake Windows Activators Hide Adware, Bitcoin Miners


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Fake Windows and Office Activators Hide Adware, Bitcoin Miners


Security experts started warning users about fake Windows 8 key generators and activators ever since Microsoft launched the operating system. As the popularity of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 grows, they attract the attention of more and more cybercriminals and scammers.

When searching for Windows 8.1 Enterprise activators on Google, you get a lot of results, most of them leading to all sorts of shady websites.

The activator claims to be able to crack Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1. In reality, it can’t activate any of them, but that doesn’t matter since the role of the program is to trick users into installing all sorts of shady software, not to help internauts pirate the operating system.

Most antivirus engines don’t see anything wrong with the so-called activator. However, the user quickly learned that the application was far from being harmless.

Once the process is started, the installer forces users to accept the installation of various other applications: Surftastic (a browser add-on that collects user data and displays ads on websites) and Mobogenie (the app offers Android games, but also accesses SMSs, pictures, and contacts).


Try the Genuine Windows Activators from nsaneforum:

Try the Activation method & instructions by november_ra1n :D :D

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This ever happen to you or just beware!

anyway I'm not using loader.
Thanks for info.
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I followed NR and feel pretty safe!!

thanx +1 NR

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For me, Definition for piracy like this:

Pirate = didn't pay Legit = Paid STOP RIGHT THERE!

because "Windows everywhere" could not have been possible without this.

we considered as Victim it's as nice words of Pirate.

What do you Think????

Microsoft's "Windows everywhere"....... possible with Pirates....b0208.gif

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Wellington Britto

Thank you very much for sharing such valuable information. :drunk:

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The real difference between a pirated copy and a legit copy is you paid for the latter, nothing more, nothing less. As for having a "hacked" version, usually this isn't much of a big deal. People can easily remove or add stuff, and whatever they did is almost always reversible. In fact, for example you could consider Maher's XP a hacked copy too - he went in there and put "Maher's Digital World" in the registry. Besides, really modding it is difficult if not impossible, Windows' source code is a closely guarded secret that has never been "leaked".

I have yet to see anyone who didn't pay for Windows and is getting something strange from Microsoft. Believe me, in this world there are PLENTY of people who didn't pay for it. In fact, Microsoft's "Windows everywhere" could not have been possible without this.

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Hey where is my activator in the list of the trusted ones? :huh:
Lol maybe I have to work harder on it perhaps more updates? ;)

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