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Microsoft: Repeating IBMs OS/2 Mistakes With Windows, Android


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Dual boot smart phones sound a lot like failed OS/2-Windows dual boot PCs.

From The VAR Guy:

t sounds like Microsoft is working on a dual-boot smartphone strategy that would cover both Google Android and Windows Phone. Um... this strategy sounds a bit like the 1990s, when IBM launched a dual-boot initiative involving OS/2 and Windows. Anybody else remember how that story turned out?

Microsoft's alleged thinking goes something like this: Partners and customers will have the opportunity to have their Windows Phone with a healthy side of Android to go along with it, suspects Michael Cusanelli -- a peer here at The VAR Guy. In theory, that could make Microsoft's smart phone strategy more attractive in a world where Apple iOS and Android dominate, and Windows is an also-ran laggard (at least in terms of market share).


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Whoever wrote that article never actually used OS/2 Warp in it's final, fixed version.

It is really the OS that m$ stole a good portion of to make all it's future windows versions after it.

(Previously it had been a collaboration between m$ & IBM...)

It was a very solid & reliable OS - but mostly unknown as was the internet back then.

Also unknown to most folks there were 2 versions of OS/2 Warp - called red spine & blue spine because of how their boxes looked - and the red one wasn't nearly as good as the blue, which of course cost more.

I think if it had come out a couple of years later it would still be in use with devoted users much like XP is, right now.

It was truly very much like XP in many ways.

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