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Connectify Hotspot PRO is an easy to use software router for your Windows computer that lets you transform your laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot so you can share a single Internet connection - such as wired ethernet, a 3 or 4G card or adapter, even another Wi-Fi network - with your friends, co-workers, and mobile devices. With Connectify Hotspot PRO, you can turn your Windows computer into a real Wi-Fi hotspot that shares that single 3G/4G connection with any other Wi-Fi enabled devices. You'll maximize the value of your 3G/4G card and get all your peripherals online at the same time!

Thanks to teodor12 for the update.


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FP link is giving the old Version7.3.1.30389! :o



CRC32: F76904F4MD5: 4CFB610684F052E1F5A487274D026224SHA-1: FE5AB499CA747A7D6816CA21A2D98C15226D1D43SHA-256: B1367E009DC67337D6FE715CA8B903238BE8936617233730684492DE864FFE85 

Here's the updated link for latest version : http://www.connectify.me/download/

CRC32: 2F089486MD5: 460BD2A6F704F31793DD8F1EB2A2617DSHA-1: EEAD97D0A8327958D589846A3D7F527718B70B3FSHA-256: 454C6F9FFE804221A7052E52D51A5A87C36B2C792E8D95660DCE03F8464522C6




Medicine Link : (0nHax v4)


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Dr. Eset - NSANE

Thanks ^_^

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