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[Giveaways] Advanced SystemCare 7 Pro


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Today I got giveaway email from downloadmix.com.

I will give you the license to one member who is reply the topic first. Send you the lisence in 24 hours.


License is same as per attached for all subscriber. Im sorry. (Related topic) Threads merged.


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<_< ,too..

but thanx for posting!

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Dont see the logic in this kind of software....

Want to speed up your PC....install more software that runs more startup items and services etc......hmmm....wait, thats counterproductive, isnt it?


Snake oil.....

Ive seen this recently on a nearly fresh install of windows pop up saying it had found several hundred registry problems...baloney.....

Any program that pops up a system tray message saying its found 1,275 problems in your registry should set off alarm bells and be immediately uninstalled....well, unless you like click Fix and then wonder why a number of programs and half of windows is flaky....the same reason anyone with an IQ lower than 130 shouldnt ever run CCleaner...cant tell yo the number of times ive had people bring me PC's after running CCleaner and wondering why windows wont boot, the fonts are screwed etc. I gladly fix the PC, but warn them if theyre silly enough to install CCleaner or the above type of crap, then please don't bring your PC back to me again

Still install this crap if you like getting into a constant loop of "found problems, click to fix", reboot, wait 3 days, get another popup "found problems, click fix"...you can see where im going with this, or maybe you dont, if you dont, click to install above....

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Well more speed, is either an ultra fast H.D.D. 14,400 r.p.m. or quicker or a super fast correctly configured s.s.d.

24 g.b. of r.a.m.

I have 16 g.b. r.a.m. and a hybrid drive, faster, but not as snappy after first windows install.

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Sale ends in
19 hrs
01 min

To get it for free please register here-

Not sure if you here to advertise but pay close attention to its license key once checkout its the same key provided here. You know, that site often share public giveaway and make people to register to get it which I find very offensive. Note that they don't even bother to provide actual source for the key which is from DownloadMix.

Also, I think Nsane do not allow to share giveaway that require user to register that why I seldom share giveaway/offer from that site. Correct me if I am wrong.

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