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guys i need suggestions for a good music player for my Nexus5

also i'd like to know if i want use music players from other devices which one is better?

i like samsung's music player but came to know abt it s compatible to touchwiz framwork only

so guys pl help and suggest me good music player

except appolo and my fone is rooted

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IMHO, for me the best music player for android is poweramp.
For root phone, I suggest you to use ViPER4Android too. You will hear a great music. :lol:

FYI, I use them on my phone.

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player pro is gr8 it has fr8 settings and options but when i connect my JBL speakers to fone and play music thru player pro it sounds very bad

@exodius ill give it a try to ViPER4Android

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+1 for PowerAmp. Try the EQ in any other music player and compare it to the one in PowerAmp. No contest. Over half of the mobile music players have crap for EQ's that don't even work properly. The one in PowerAmp makes my entire head vibrate with my earbuds.

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i saw the power amp but it has veru hard installation it needs google play mod lucky patcher etc.

@slimrock DFX music player does play songs from folders i hav to make playlists

@gonito will give it a try

@spudboy as i mentioned earlier i dont like to usw lucky pathcher(and im not gointo buy the app)

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