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Opera Lets You Get Free Internet for Watching Ads


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Browser-maker Opera is shaking up the mobile advertising market just a little, after it introduced Sponsored Web Pass, a new version of its pay-as-you-go Web Pass service that effectively gives phone owners free mobile Internet in exchange for watching sponsored messages.

The Norwegian company, which counts 350 million users worldwide, explains that advertisers work with operators to select from a range of free offers for would-be viewers, such as one day of free mobile Internet access, or an hour of Twitter. The offers can only be redeemed inside Opera’s browser, so this doesn’t mean unfettered access to apps and other services.

Once the advertiser has set the reward in partnership with an operator, users simply show up with their eyeballs and, after the ad finished, enjoy their freebie.

Read the full news @ http://thenextweb.com/mobile/2014/02/21/operas-sponsored-web-pass-lets-brands-give-you-free-mobile-internet-for-watching-their-ad/?fromcat=all

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