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Waterfox 27.01


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Waterfox is a 64-bit version of Firefox. Waterfox is modified version of the Firefox source code specifically for machines running 64-bit versions of Windows. Software designed for 64-bit Windows editions can take advantage of faster RAM and processing speeds and greater stability in 64-bit systems. Just converting Mozilla's source code for 64-bit Windows isn't enough, Waterfox takes it to another level with unique tweaks which help it exploit the speed of 64-bit systems. Waterfox is made with one thing in mind: speed. Waterfox offers 100% Firefox Add-on Compatibility and 64-bit Plugin Support.

Thanks to kn_andre for the update.


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Was wondering when WF was gonna get aound to 27 FF hit 27 some time ago.

I do like WF and FF its all I use anymore, and DownThemAll addon for fast downloading :)

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Dr. Eset - NSANE

Thanks for the update :win:

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10X for the update , but i consider it useless , stick to the origin ff.

May I enquire why?

its simple , first u get no speed gain from any FF clone even if its 64 bit , sec the clone developer modify the code to suit its needed / users wishes , making it lots of time unstable ...

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