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its simple ...just FORMAT / re-install OS like mine :D LOL then you will get clean OS

even virtual apps bypassed by them.

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UVK Ultra Virus Killer pro better but cant see a crack yet

If nobody gets a working crack and I dont find one Ill try to make one for you man (Im always interested in new anti-malware products and there commercial versions).

I almost forgot thanks for sharing..

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Did you ever get to make a crack for this? :rolleyes:

I have been busy with real life Ill start working on this. I looked for medicine before didnt find one Ill look again and if I dont find one Ill start working on medicine for it..

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by time this video finish's ide of fell to sleep.

if you don't want to go through the process of formatting then don't install / download junk on your main system.

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I prefer to perform a full system-wide backup regularly on a daily basis - restoring from such a backup image takes about 20 minutes and there are no niggling worries about whether any portion of the virus (attempted to be deleted by using these programs) might still be active in the system. :showoff:

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