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[Live Cam] ABC News Live Coverage Of Kiev Protest


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For the REALITY of WHY this is happening,

scroll down and watch the Alex Jones videos


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I don't get it, why don't they go all on them, like 1 million people would easily get pass 10 - 20 000 cops. If they would have run all in the same time to them, it would have been finish until now.

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I don't get it, why don't they go all on them, like 1 million people would easily get pass 10 - 20 000 cops. If they would have run all in the same time to them, it would have been finish until now.

I suppose it would get messy better to hold your ground and spike world news - I dont know -

im just covering it for the community here.

I realise we are international here :) so i bring heads up to those who might be unaware of current events

its like a job...updating this every few hours ....keep the faith ! stay safe! stay strong!

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@jackieo i got your message ... Thanks for allowing me to share on here, Its a Pleasure to post on your Thread ... As for your Other Question - The Answer is Yes ... Even though am a Female, i like to Learn new Stuff, Project a Positive Energy and Share the Little i know with others . I also Aspire to Inspire people in a very Positive and Respectful Manner ... Take care and Cheers

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Angry EU calls Ukraine crisis talks to discuss sanctions on Thursday!

(BRUSSELS) - The European Union has convened urgent talks to discuss sanctions against Ukraine but is likely to stop short of action against President Viktor Yanukovych, instead remaining in political contact with him.

EU foreign ministers have been summoned to Brussels for talks Thursday by the bloc's foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, as outrage over apocalyptic scenes of violence in Kiev trigger strident calls for sanctions.

In what would be a policy U-turn on the crisis in Ukraine for the 28-nation bloc, Ashton said the EU would consider toughening its stance by agreeing to sanctions against those deemed responsible.

"All possible options will be explored, including restrictive measures against those responsible for repression and human rights violations," she said.

But several EU diplomats told AFP there was little likelihood of sanctions explicitly targeting Yanukovych himself.

"Some member states believe it would be best to save this for later, if needed, to stagger our response," said a diplomat close to the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"Our objective after all is political dialogue and we must keep all channels open at this point," the source added. "Sanctions are a means to an end."

The latest explosion of violence in the three-month standoff in Ukraine, where fierce clashes Tuesday killed at least 26 people, has set alarm bells ringing across the international community.

In a separate bid to facilitate dialogue between the authorities and protesters, the French, German and Polish foreign ministers announced plans to travel to Kiev on Thursday.

Until Tuesday's bloody upsurge in violence, the EU had resisted US calls for reprisals, insisting it was preferable to keep channels of communication open with the embattled Yanukovych.

But with leaders in Europe saying he now had "blood on his hands", Ashton convened an extraordinary meeting of EU foreign ministers for 1300 GMT on Thursday.

The EU's political and security committee went into closed-door talks on Wednesday to thrash out a consensus on Ukraine ahead of the ministers' get-together.

Unanimity is required to agree sanctions, such as asset freezes or visa bans against individuals or companies, and not all member states are backing punitive measures.

Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Greece were notably listed as having reservations, while a diplomat from a northern nation said critics of blanket EU sanctions feared targeting Yanukovych at this stage "could drive him into the arms of Russia".

Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said in a statement that "there is less and less room for manoeuvre these last hours between the government and the opposition". She urged dialogue but added: "Should violence continue we will not exclude resorting to exceptional restrictive measures."

- 'Intolerable acts' -

In Paris, the leaders of France and Germany strongly condemned the brutal violence, with President Francois Hollande urging sanctions and Chancellor Angela Merkel expressing solidarity with protesters.

"There are unspeakable, unacceptable, intolerable acts," Hollande said at a joint press conference.

As diplomats in Brussels prepared to return to the closed-door talks after a break, an EU source told AFP that for the moment "no country is really against" targeted sanctions.

"We must be clear: ultimate responsibility for deaths and violence is with President Yanukovych," added Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

"He has blood on his hands."

European Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso, who was also in Paris, said he watched the latest events unfold with "shock and utter dismay".

"There are no circumstances that can legitimise or justify such scenes," he said.

Germany blamed Yanukovych's refusal to enter serious dialogue for the escalation of violence in the three-month-old standoff.

"Ukraine has paid dearly for the delaying tactics of President Yanukovych," said Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

"His refusal to hold serious talks about a peaceful conflict resolution and constitutional reform is a big mistake."

Source : http://www.eubusiness.com/news-eu/ukraine-politics.tz0/

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Heres whats REALLY going on!!

and it will blow your minds !

oh my god!!


Washington Orchestrated Protests Are Destabilizing Ukraine

Paul Craig Roberts

The protests in the western Ukraine are organized by the CIA, the US State Department, and by Washington- and EU-financed Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that work in conjunction with the CIA and State Department. The purpose of the protests is to overturn the decision by the independent government of Ukraine not to join the EU.

The US and EU were initially cooperating in the effort to destroy the independence of Ukraine and make it a subservient entity to the EU government in Brussels. For the EU
government, the goal is to expand the EU. For Washington the purposes are to make
Ukraine available for looting by US banks and corporations and to bring Ukraine into NATO so that Washington can gain more military bases on Russia’s frontier. There are three countries in the world that are in the way of Washington’s hegemony over the world–Russia, China, and Iran. Each of these countries is targeted by Washington for overthrow or for their sovereignty to be degraded by propaganda and US military bases that leave the countries vulnerable to attack, thus coercing them into accepting Washington’s will.

The problem that has arisen between the US and EU with regard to Ukraine is that Europeans have realized that the takeover of Ukraine is a direct threat to Russia, which can cut Europe off from oil and natural gas, and if there is war completely destroy Europe. Consequently, the EU became willing to stop provoking the Ukraine protests.

The response of the neoconservative, Victoria Nuland, appointed Assistant Secretary of State by the duplicitous Obama, was “fuck the EU,” as she proceeded to describe the members of the Ukraine government that Washington tended to impose on a people so unaware as to believe that they are achieving independence by rushing into Washington’s arms. I once thought that no population could be as unaware as the US population. But I was wrong. Western Ukrainians are more unaware than Americans.

The orchestration of the “crisis” in Ukraine is easy. The neoconservative Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland told the National Press Club in Washington on December 13, 2013, that the US has “invested” $5 billion in agitation in Ukraine. http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article37599.htm The crisis essentially resides in western Ukraine where romantic ideas about Russian oppression are strong and the population is less Russian than in the eastern Ukraine.

The hatred of Russia in western Ukraine is so dysfunctional that the duped protesters are unaware that joining the EU means the end of Ukraine independence and rule by the EU bureaucrats in Brussels, the European Central Bank, and US corporations. Perhaps Ukraine is two countries. The western half could be given to the EU and US corporations, and the eastern half could be reincorporated as part of Russia, where the entire Ukraine resided for as long as the US has existed.

The disaffection from Russia that exists in western Ukraine makes it easy for the EU and US to cause trouble. Those in Washington and Europe who wish to destroy Ukraine’s independence portray an independent Ukraine as a hostage of Russia, while a Ukraine in the EU is allegedly under the protection of the US and Europe. The large sums of money that Washington funnels into NGOs in Ukraine propagate this idea and work the population into a mindless frenzy. I have never in my life witnessed people as mindless as the Ukrainian protesters who are destroying the independence of their country.

The US- and EU-financed NGOs are fifth columns designed to destroy the independence of the countries in which they operate. Some pretend to be “human rights organizations.” Others indoctrinate people under cover of “education programs” and “building democracy.” Others, especially those run by the CIA, specialize in provocations such as “Pussy Riot.” Few if any of these NGOs are legitimate. But they are arrogant. The head of one of the NGOs announced prior to the Iranian elections in which Mousavi was Washington’s and the CIA’s candidate that the election would result in a Green Revolution. He knew this in advance, because he had helped to finance it with US taxpayer dollars. I wrote about it at the time. It can be found on my website, www.paulcraigroberts.org and in my just published book, How America Was Lost.

The Ukrainian “protesters” have been violent, but the police have been restrained. Washington has a vested interest in keeping the protests going in the hopes of turning the protests into revolt so that Washington can grab Ukraine. This week the US House of Representatives passed a resolution threatening sanctions should the violent protests be put down by the police.

In other words, if the Ukrainian police behave toward violent protesters in the way that US police behave toward peaceful protesters, it is reason for Washington to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine. Washington is using the protests to destroy the independence of Ukraine and has ready the list of puppets that Washington intends to install as Ukraine’s next government.

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Regime Change in Kiev

Victoria Nuland Admits: US Has Invested $5 Billion In The Development of Ukrainian, "Democratic Institutions"



International Business Conference at Ukraine in Washington - National Press Club - December 13, 2013

Victoria Nuland - Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasian Affairs

US Assistant Secretary of State for Europe, Nuland said: “Since the declaration of Ukrainian independence in 1991, the United States supported the Ukrainians in the development of democratic institutions and skills in promoting civil society and a good form of government - all that is necessary to achieve the objectives of Ukraine’s European. We have invested more than 5 billion dollars to help Ukraine to achieve these and other goals.

Nuland said the United States will continue to “promote Ukraine to the future it deserves.”

Posted February 09, 2014

Victoria Nuland's "Fuck the eu" comment, and setting up the next Ukraine government discussion


Full Speech

Washington's Cloned Female Warmongers

By Finian Cunningham

February 09, 2014 "Information Clearing House - What is it about America's women diplomats? They seem so hard and cloned - bereft of any humanity or intelligence. Presumably, these women are supposed to represent social advance for the female gender. But, far from displaying female independence, they are just a pathetic copy of the worst traits in American male politicians - aggressive, arrogant and completely arrant in their views.

Take Victoria Nuland - the US Assistant Secretary of State - who was caught using obscene language in a phone call about the European Union and the political affairs of Ukraine. In her previous posting as a spokeswoman for the US State Department, Nuland had the demeanor of a robotic matron with a swivel eye.

Now in her new role of covertly rallying anti-government protesters in Ukraine, Nuland has emerged to sound like a bubblegum-chewing Mafia doll. In her leaked private conversation with the US ambassador to Kiev, the American female diplomat is heard laying down in imperious tones how a new government in Ukraine should be constituted. Nuland talks about "gluing together" a sovereign country as if it is a mere plaything, and she stipulates which members of the US-backed street rabble in Kiev should or should not be included in any Washington-approved new government in the former Soviet republic.

We don't know who actually tapped and leaked Nuland's private call to the US ambassador in Kiev, Geoffrey Pyatt. It could have been the Ukrainian or Russian secret services, but, regardless, it was an inspired move to reveal it. For the disclosure, which has been posted on the internet, lays bare the subversive meddling agenda of Washington in Ukrainian internal affairs. Up to now, the Americans have been piously pretending that their involvement is one of a bystander supporting democracy from afar.

But, thanks to the Nuland's foul-mouthed indiscretion, the truth is out. Washington, from her own admission, is acting like an agent provocateur in Ukraine's political turmoil. That is an illegal breach of international rules of sovereignty. Nuland finishes her phone call like a gangster ordering a hit on a rival, referring to incompetent European interference in Ukraine with disdain - "F...k the EU."

What we are witnessing here is the real, ugly face of American government and its uncouth contempt for international law and norms.

Next up is Wendy Sherman, the Under Secretary for Political Affairs, who is also Washington's top negotiator in the P5+1 nuclear talks with Iran. Sherman is another flinty-eyed female specimen of the American political class, who, like Nuland, seems to have a block of ice for a heart and a frozen Popsicle for a brain.

Again, like Nuland, Sherman aims to excel in her political career by sounding even more macho, morose and moronic than her male American peers.

Last week, Sherman was giving testimony before the US Senate foreign affairs committee on the upcoming negotiations with Iran over the interim nuclear agreement. The panel was chaired by the warmongering Democrat Senator Robert Menendez, who wants to immediately ramp up more sanctions on Iran, as well as back the Israeli regime in any preemptive military strike on the Islamic Republic.

Sherman's performance was a craven display of someone who has been brainwashed to mouth a mantra of falsehoods with no apparent ability to think for herself. It's scary that such people comprise the government of the most nuclear-armed-and-dangerous state in the world.

Programmed Sherman accused Iran of harboring ambitions to build nuclear weapons. "We share the same goal [as the warmonger Menendez] to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon." And she went on to repeat threadbare, risible allegations that Iran is supporting international terrorism. That is a disturbing indication of the low level of political intelligence possessed by the US chief negotiator.

"Iran also continues to arm and train militants in Lebanon, Gaza, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, and Bahrain. And Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah continue," asserted Sherman without citing an iota of proof and instead relying on a stale-old propaganda narrative.

The number three in the US State Department went on to say of the interim nuclear deal with Iran: "What is also important to understand is that we remain in control over whether to accept the terms of a final deal or not. We have made it clear to Iran that, if it fails to live up to its commitments, or if we are unable to reach agreement on a comprehensive solution, we would ask the Congress to ramp up new sanctions."

Remember that Sherman and her State Department boss John Kerry are considered "soft on Iran" by the likes of Menendez, John McCain, Lyndsey Graham, Mark Kirk, and the other political psychopaths in Washington. So, we can tell from Sherman's callous words and mean-minded logic that the scope for genuine rapprochement between the US and Iran is extremely limited.

Sherman finished her performance before the Senate panel with the obligatory illegal threat of war that Washington continually issues against Iran: "We retain all options to ensure that Iran cannot obtain a nuclear weapon."

In the goldfish-bowl environment of Washington politics, perhaps such female officials are to be even more feared. The uniform monopoly of America's political class is dictated by militarism – weapons manufacturers, oil companies and Zionist lobbyists. The only way to "succeed" in this cesspool is to be even more aggressive and imperialist than your peers.

Nuland and Sherman illustrate the cold-hearted logic at work in American robotic politics: it's a system programmed for imperialism and war, and it doesn't matter whether the officials are Democrat, Republic, male or female. They are all clones of a war criminal state.

Finian Cunningham (born 1963) has written extensively on international affairs, with articles published in several languages. He is a Master’s graduate in Agricultural Chemistry and worked as a scientific editor for the Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, England, before pursuing a career in journalism.

This article was originally published at Press TV

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Ukraine Clashes Fueled By U.S. Meddling as Manifest Destiny’s Child Strikes Again


Dennis Trainor Jr.

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20 Feb 2014 - Ukraine standoff continues Amid Shaky Truce...


Photo: AP Anti-government protesters clash with riot police in Kiev's Independence Square, the epicenter of the country's current unrest, in Ukraine, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2014. Ukraine's protest leaders and the president they aim to oust called a truce Wednesday, just hours after the military raised fears of a widespread crackdown with a vow to defeat "terrorists" responsible for seizing weapons and burning down buildings.

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Despite a truce called by Ukraine's protest leaders and the president they aim to oust, street fighting between protesters and police in the center of Kiev continued on Thursday morning, as the number of people reported dead in the conflict rose to 28. Smoke from burning barricades surrounding the protest camp rose above the Ukrainian capital, as several thousand protesters remained on the square and hurled Molotov cocktails and rocks at lines of police, who responded with stun grenades. An Associated Press cameraman saw one unconscious protester being taken off the square in a stretcher, as well as numerous others with minor injuries.

The two sides are locked in a battle over the identity of this nation of 46 million, whose loyalties are divided between Russia and the West, and parts of the country are in open revolt against the central government. The latest bout of street violence began Tuesday when protesters attacked police lines and set fires outside parliament, accusing Yanukovych of ignoring their demands to enact constitutional reforms that would limit the president's power — a key opposition demand. Parliament, dominated by his supporters, was stalling on taking up a constitutional reform to limit presidential powers. In a statement published early Thursday, the Ukrainian Health Ministry said 28 people have died and 287 have been hospitalized during the two days of street violence. Protesters, who have set up a medical care facility in a downtown cathedral, say the numbers are significantly higher.

The mood on the square Thursday was calmer than in the previous two days of violence, the most deadly since protests kicked off three months ago after President Viktor Yanukovych shelved an association agreement with the European Union in favor of closer ties with Russia. After Yanukovych shelved the agreement with the EU, Russia announced a $15 billion bailout for Ukraine, whose economy is in tatters. Police responded by attacking the protest camp. Armed with water cannons, stun grenades and rubber bullets, police dismantled some barricades. But the protesters held their ground through the night, encircling the protest camp with new burning barricades of tires, furniture and debris. The ongoing violence on the square Thursday indicates that more radical elements among the protesters may be unwilling to observe the truce and may not be mollified by the prospects of negotiations. Although the initial weeks of protests were determinedly peaceful, radicals helped drive an outburst of clashes with police in January in which at least three people died, and the day of violence on Tuesday may have radicalized many more.

Opposition leader Vitali Klitschko, who along with two other leaders met with the president late on Wednesday to discuss a truce, said the president assured them that police would not storm the protesters' encampment on Kiev's Independence Square, according to the Interfax news agency. A brief statement published on the president's website late on Wednesday did not give details of what terms a truce would entail or how it would be implemented. Nor did it specify how the negotiations would be conducted or give an indication of how they would be different from previous meetings of the president and the opposition leaders.

Political and diplomatic maneuvering has continued, with both Moscow and the West eager to gain influence over this former Soviet republic. Three EU foreign ministers — from Germany, France and Poland — were heading to Kiev on Thursday to speak with both sides before an emergency EU meeting in Brussels to consider sanctions against those responsible for the recent violence in Ukraine.

President Barack Obama also stepped in to condemn the violence, warning Wednesday "there will be consequences" for Ukraine if it continues. The U.S. has raised the prospect of joining with the EU to impose sanctions against Ukraine. On a visit to Mexico, Obama said the Ukrainian military should not step into a situation that civilians should resolve and added that the U.S. holds Ukraine's government primarily responsible for dealing with peaceful protesters appropriately.

Russia's Foreign Ministry, meanwhile, described the violence as an attempted coup and even used the phrase "brown revolution," an allusion to the Nazi rise to power in Germany in 1933. The ministry said Russia would use "all our influence to restore peace and calm." In Kiev, Ukraine's top security agency accused protesters Wednesday of seizing hundreds of firearms from its offices and announced a nationwide anti-terrorist operation to restore order. Demonstrators, meanwhile, forced their way into the main post office on Kiev's Independence Square, also known as the Maidan, after a nearby building they had previously occupied was burned down in fierce, fiery clashes late Tuesday with riot police. Thousands of activists armed with fire bombs and rocks had defended the square, a key symbol of the protests.

"The revolution has turned into a war with the authorities," Vasyl Oleksenko, a retired geologist from central Ukraine, said Wednesday. "We must fight this bloody, criminal leadership. We must fight for our country, our Ukraine!" Before the truce was announced the bad blood was running so high it has fueled fears the nation could be sliding toward a messy breakup. While most people in the country's western regions resent Yanukovych, he enjoys strong support in the mostly Russian-speaking eastern and southern regions, where many want strong ties with Russia. Neither side had appeared willing to compromise, with the opposition insisting on Yanukovych's resignation and an early election and the president apparently prepared to fight until the end. Opposition lawmaker Oleh Lyashko warned that Yanukovych himself was in danger. "Yanukovych, you will end like (Moammar) Gadhafi," Lyashko told thousands of angry protesters. "Either you, a parasite, will stop killing people or this fate will await you. Remember this, dictator!" Before the truce announcement, Yanukovych had blamed the protesters for the violence and said the opposition leaders had "crossed a line when they called people to arms."

"I again call on the leaders of the opposition ... to draw a boundary between themselves and radical forces, which are provoking bloodshed and clashes with the security services," the president said in a statement. "If they don't want to leave — they should acknowledge that they are supporting radicals." He called for a day of mourning Thursday for the dead. In Moscow, the Kremlin said it put the next disbursement of its bailout on hold amid uncertainty over Ukraine's future and what it described as a "coup attempt." French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius told reporters that he and his counterparts from Germany and Poland would meet both sides in Ukraine ahead of the EU meeting on possible sanctions. He said he hoped the two sides "will find a way for dialogue."

Possible sanctions include travel bans and asset freezes, which could hit hard the powerful oligarchs who back Yanukovych. On Wednesday, the U.S. denied admission to the United States for about 20 individual Ukrainians the U.S. believes are responsible for the actions against the most recent violence Tuesday night in Kiev. This action means that if they were to apply for visas, they would be denied. A senior State Department official, who is closely following the unrest in Ukraine, said these individuals represent the "full chain of command that we consider responsible for ordering security forces to move against the Maidan yesterday." The official was not authorized to be quoted by name and would brief reporters only on condition of anonymity.

Source : https://www.mail.com/int/news/europe/2663506-ukraine-standoff-continues-amid-shaky-truce.html#.1258-stage-hero1-2

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In my opinion the main stream media is lying to you. ( msnbc cnn etc)

This story is nothing like i thought it was at the outset.

In fact it is more of the same last year the Arab Spring was engineered and was completely manufactured and totally fake.

this makes me want to back away from covering this story any further.

$5 billion ? this is such a HUGE disapointment and a MAJOR FACEPALM MOMENT!

The Alex Jones et al facts are closer to the truth than anyone knows, ON THE STREET LEVEL

because of the fact that the main stream media is lying to the world, AND THE STREET GANGS ARE TOOLS OF THE CIA


we can cover the facts...this guy got hurt... this happened, that happened...... a molotov cocktail...... blablabla...

I now know the reality of WHY this is happening and I dont fucking like it not one bit.

I dont even know where to go from this point it appears Ukraine is in a stalemate between USA the EU and Russia

Ukraine is INDEPENDENT after all and has an ELECTED GOVERNMENT!

THIS IS A TOTAL FACADE OF REALITY, a charade put on for the global media and funded by George Soros.

This stinks to high heaven and if this plays out to its final conclusion the fate of the Human Race may be at stake.

This thread belongs inside my other thread covering Extinction Level Events.

If this triggers a nuclear war you can kiss it all goodbye.

Ive run out of words and mental real estate for this story,

and every time i hear it on the radio now i get angry for being lied to.

I have lost interest in covering this story ..... nothing else needs to be said..watch it all play out.

I say - watch Alex Jones and screw the mainstream media's lies.

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because of the above facts on the table this now changes my standpoint on this issue.

I am asking the moderator of Nsane Forums to LOCK this thread.

nothing further needs to be said on this issue. I have no further interest in covering this.

I am deeply saddened and I fear for my many friends in Ukraine.

Sorry to do this.

Watch the Alex Jones videos for the TRUE reality of WHY this is happening. Thats my final statement on this.

Jackieo ~ All the best and Ukraine, you are in my prayers.

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