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Win7 Laptop with domain account to Win8

Diego T.

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Hi guys!!!

Alright, so my friend has his company laptop with Win7 business with those domain accounts that when you log in are like "domain//first.last" and then the password has a policy of upper case lowe case and a number which I hate.

Not he but I want to updgrade his laptop to Win8 and enjoy all the new "advantages" LOL

However if I do a format he will loose all the so called domain and network settings but if I do an upgrade will that keep all those setting and features that where set up by the IT of the company or will my friend will have to go with the IT guy and tell him that I fucked up his computer ?

I really would not like to do an upgrade cause we all know that is a no no.

Thanks in advance,

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You gotta be kidding!!!!......The computer + network its attached to is not yours!!!!!....The only thing that could be possibly achieved is getting the so called buddy fired / fined!!!!!

FYI. Password / Security policies are set by domain admins not by users.

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Why my friend could get fined if he posses a legit Win License ?

and why fired ?

@Diego T..... Where shall we start mate?

(1) Win 7 Ultimate - Win 8.1 pro upgrade?... You can only keep personal files.. all other settings / apps are lost & have to be re-installed...better to back up & perform fresh install for a cleaner OS system disk without added bloat / registry entries etc...

(2) As the director of IT / chief technical officer for a group of companies, I like thousands of others in a similar position to myself, enforce policies that prevent users tampering / installing additional software on any of our systems. This also includes unauthorized BYODS (Bring Your Own Devices) , smart phones, tablets etc. from connecting to our networks.

(3) Should for what ever reason a member of our teams attempt to re-configure / change a system belonging to us.. They would be severely reprimanded & fined for the unnecessary time it would take for us to restore the box back to our strict system / security policy standards...

On any machine you own.. you can mess around with it to your hearts content...But to a box belonging to a third party / company.. Don't even think of going there unless you have the correct authorization & sufficient skills & knowledge...

A corporate workstation / endpoint is set up for stability & security......End Of...Your proposed maverick plan will achieve diddly.

Up to you in what you do.. Just be prepared to face the consequences.... :rolleyes:

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