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panda cloud antivirus free


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Panda has released industry’s first Free Cloud-Based Antivirus Thin-Client Protection. Panda Cloud Antivirus introduces radically new protection model with lightweight thin-client agent and real-time scanning-from-the-cloud.

In simple terms Panda Cloud Antivirus will consume less resources of your computer due to its thin-client agent and server architecture which processes and blocks malware more efficiently than locally installed signature-based products.

The Entire Malware scanning is performed within cloud where as your machine is only running thin client agent which consumes absolutely less resources.

Panda Cloud Antivirus includes local and remote antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, heuristics and goodware cache, while only consuming an average of 17 MB of RAM and 50 percent of the PC performance impact as compared to the industry average.


is it a good free antivirus?

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I wouldn't go with Panda anyhow, but I believe this is to be used within a network on a server or something :wacko:

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