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Windows Phone 8.1 Features Leaked By Developer


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By Lance Whitney 3 hours ago

What surprises await the next version of Microsoft's mobile OS? One person with access to the Software Development Kit reveals a few tidbits.


Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows RT will be able to share the same code, helping developers more easily create the same apps for phone and tablet. At least, that's the take from a round of leaked details.

On Tuesday, a developer with access to the new Windows Phone 8.1 Software Development Kit (SDK) hopped onto Reddit to share several features headed for the new version. New Universal Apps templates will help developers build WinStore/WinRT and WinPhone apps using the same HTML and JavaScript code, according to the SDK. The developer pointed to the new feature as a sign that WinRT and WinPhone are starting to merge.

Recent reports from ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley and Windows SuperSite's Paul Thurrott suggest that Microsoft is aiming to release a series of updates, collectively codenamed Threshold, in 2015. Threshold will reportedly update Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox One so that all three platforms can more readily share certain code and other elements.

What else is in store for Windows Phone 8.1?

A new YouTube player promises to play videos embedded in the Web page without need for a separate app. Squabbles between Microsoft and Google have effectively neutered the current Windows Phone version of YouTube. The SDK documentation also refers to a file picker and saver, hinting at a possible file manager.

Users will be able to install apps directly to an SD card and shoot photos and footage in one of three modes: camera, burst, and video, according to the developer. They'll also be able to close an app by swiping down on it.


WP8.1 is going to have javascript support! (self.windowsphone)

submitted 13 hours ago* by wpthroaway

//no more leaks. would love to give a round of applause to MS for finally improving WP8! until April 2 and big shout out to quinn for helping making this happen ;)

EDIT: So, impressed with current new WP8.1 features?

EDIT: Some might be relief by this

Silverlight 8.1 apps will only run on Windows Phone (code-named "Blue") devices. Devices running Windows Phone 8 will not be able to install or run these apps. However, Windows Phone (code-named "Blue") is a free update that will be supported for all existing Windows Phone 8 devices.

EDIT: Oh and according to docs almost every API in WinRT can run on WinPRT. These include also: video and audio transcoding, so expect some cool multimedia apps for WP8.1.

There's also roaming data like in desktop.

EDIT: To clear something WP8 apps are now consider Windows Store App like with Win8.

EDIT: ALL apps now have fast resume activated and is not an opt in feature like it use to.

EDIT: WP8.1 apps can't use XNA anymore, unlike in WP8.0. Goodbye XNA

Also see:

Windows Phone 8.1 includes universal apps and lots of feature updates By Tom Warren February 11, 2014 07:52 am


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