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Intel comes up with a new graphics core


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Looking to improve the battery life

Intel has been talking about a new integrated graphics core which it says can improve the battery life of smartphones, tablets and laptops. Writing in his blog Intel researcher Divya Kolar said that the new power-efficient core, when paired with a CPU, represents a leap in bringing down overall power consumption on chips, said

"This graphics core incorporates several new features that allow it to improve energy efficiency by 40 percent -- essentially giving longer battery life for the same performance or improving performance when you really need it," Kolar wrote.

The technology is being presented at the International Solid State Circuits Conference in San Francisco this week. The graphics core was developed for Intel's latest chips made on the 22-nanometer manufacturing process, but the company did not provide a specific date on when the core would be in products. The core is being tested on a prototype chip in Intel's research labs. Intel has been researching low-power circuitry and sleep states for years, occasionally they ring Fudzilla up and wake us up.

Apparently, it has improved power efficiency in the new graphics core by concentrating power consumption in fewer circuits, which allows inactive parts to go to even lower voltage. The researchers focused voltage concentration in the memory arrays of the graphics core. Other tweaks include "adaptive clocking," which involves boosting voltage regulators to automatically slow down the clock rates to prevent failures or errors.

Researchers also added of a separate voltage supply to manage power, which could allow more circuits to go into sleep state, resulting in power savings.


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