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Successful Troll Successfully Opens “Dumb Starbucks” In LA


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By Editorial Staff on February 9, 2014


A new coffee shop called “Dumb Starbucks” opened in Los Angeles this weekend and has become the the talk of the town in social media today.

The shop is staffed by two baristas who have been serving free coffee all weekend. As you can see, the line forms out the door.

The shop pretty much uses the exact same logo and design of Starbucks, only with the word “Dumb” in front of it. According to the Wall Street Journal:

“We are aware of it and looking into it,” a Starbucks spokesman said. He added that Dumb Starbucks is “obviously” unaffiliated with the Seattle based chain.

Here is a look at their menu.


Is this all legal you ask? According to their FAQ, this is what the owners had to say:


There are also Yelp reviews now too:


If we have any lawyers that read our site, your comments below would be appreciated. For everyone else that is in Los Angeles, here is where the store is located:


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Ballistic Gelatin

In the inevitable game of marketing one-upmanship, the real Starbucks will now be forced to add the term "Smart" in front of its name.

Hope the "Dumb" one is working with a good intellectual property lawyer.

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