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Firefox Modern UI browser for Windows 8 Touch beta version available for download


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First announced in early 2012, the Modern UI based Firefox web browser is ready for download (if only in beta form).


The browser is optimized for touchscreen interaction and makes use of Windows 8 features like swipe gestures, the Share charm and, of course, tiles.

Traditional Firefox features like the Awesome bar and Firefox Sync are available too.

However, the browser interface has been redesigned from the ground up to match Windows 8 and 8.1. The new start screen uses tiles to show the most accessed sites, bookmarks and simplify autocompletion.

Firefox for Windows 8 Touch beta also supports the Windows 8 split-screen multitasking feature as either the big or the small app.

You can take the new Firefox with Modern UI for a spin by downloading it from here.

Remember that it’s a beta, so it might have some bugs (if you find one, report it).

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Using Fx 28.0 Beta, but everytime I click on the "Relaunch Fx for Win8 touch" option (from the Fx button), the strange thing it does for me here is that it takes me to the full screen blue Fx app with the bold Fx logo in the center and then jumps back to the desktop. Everytime I go back to the app, it returns me back! :o

Haven't been able to check out thus far how the Metro version feels :(


^ ^ This is all I can see before being thrown back to the desktop. All other Metro apps that I do open from time to time, work fine. :dunno:

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