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Microsoft denies cheaper Xbox One rumors


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No price cuts either

There were some recent rumors that Microsoft might either cut the price of the next-generation Xbox One console or either introduce a new, cheaper model. Microsoft has now denied all those rumors and confirmation comes via Twitter post from Microsofts chief of staff for devices and studios.

Last week, a lot of sources reported that Microsoft has started work on a cheaper version of the Xbox One console in order to put a bit more pressure on Sony's Playstation 4 console, which is a tad cheaper. The rumors suggested that we might be looking at an Xbox One without Blu-ray drive or without Kinect sensor.

We are quite sure that Microsoft will have to make some moves in terms of pricing sooner or later. Where there's smoke, there should be at least an ember. No matter what happens down the road, Microsofts chief of staff for devices and studios, Aaron Greenberg, tweets that "you cannot believe everything you read on the internet," which pretty much denied all the current rumors, at least officially.

In any case, Microsoft will definitely have to do something as, according to early figures, Sony is likely ahead and still has a cheaper console.

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