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New App Suggestions: RemotelyAnywhere and FileBox eXtender


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I've been visiting this site (and nsane productions) for years so firstly I just want to say thank you for all your hard work over the years. I've been a lurker for too long and thought it was about time I started to contribute a little ;)

I'm not sure how often new apps are added but I know there are two which I use on a lot of PCs which could come in handy for others:


A superb remote administration tool which uses a mini web server as a front end. The latest version (v9) has advanced new features such as Remote Sound on the Remote Control feature although I haven't been able to find a licence for v9 yet. Everything works through a web browser so you don't need to install anything on the connecting PC. Really is a great app which I've been using for years.

FileBox eXtender

A very useful little app which has a whole host of Windows GUI enhancements. As an example it will enable you to keep windows on top via a neat control bar push pin and auto resize small file selection dialog boxes. Very handy for keeping streaming web pop-out players on top of other windows.

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First of all welcome to our forums! ;)

We add applications whenever we want, we're not a site that aims to list every application available, but we try only to provide 'the best' applications.

About 'RemotelyAnywhere', it looks like a nice program, but I recommend you to try out TeamViewer, it's an application that allows you to control someone else's computer without installing anything on their computer or on yours. You can just download the executable and run it ;) Maybe RemotelyAnywhere has more functionality, please do tell us if it does :)

FileBox eXtender sounds like a nice app, not something I would necessarily use, but nice.

Most of the time we wait a while before we start adding applications(until we have a couple to add), so we'll be sure to take your suggestions into account the next time we're adding applications :P

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Yeah TeamViewer is also a brilliant app and only found it thanks to this site ;) However RemotelyAnywhere has a huge number of features as can be seen here, it's not just remote control. One nice feature it does have is HTTP tunnelling which means you can access your home PC from your office or school even if you have to go through a restricted proxy server.

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