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Smith & Wesson unveils monster .460 caliber gun The ‘Backpack Cannon’


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Smith & Wesson unveils monster .460 caliber gun The ‘Backpack Cannon’

Smith & Wesson has unveiled the monster of all monster handguns at the recent “Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show” in Las Vegas: A .460 caliber beast with a 3-inch barrel, high-visibility sights and a synthetic shock absorber on the handle — a likely necessary addition for so much firepower.

The manufacturing company is billing it as “great for a back-up gun, or for hunting,” and has dubbed it the “Backpack Cannon,” The Daily Mail reported.

About 60,000 gun enthusiasts attend the trade show each year, one of the biggest in the nation.

“It’s a very comfortable gun to shoot,” said Paul Pluff, a Smith & Wesson employee, in The Daily Mail. “It’s great for a back-up gun in the back-country, or even for hunting if you’re going after some pigs or hogs or anything like that.”

The company is hoping the “Backpack Cannon” will reignite interest in the revolver, which has been largely replaced by high-capacity, semi-automatic rifles.

It sells for about $1,200, and the company is primarily marketing it to police and other law-enforcement agencies.

Though it holds .460 caliber bullets, the handgun is still compatible with .454 Casull rounds and .45 Long Colt ammo, the company said in a statement.

“There is still a place for weapons like this, especially if you like camping where the critters are big enough to eat you,” Smith & Wesson said.

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Looks interesting

I used to have a Mod 29 .44 Magnum with 8 3/8" Barrel.

Recoil especially with the standard wooden grips was a b'strd, changed to Pachmyr grips and at least it didnt feel like getting the strap at school (and no red palms)*

*In UK schools the belt or strap or tawse was used as corporal discipline-Simply a piece of thick leather nominally with three tails at the business end and normally weilded by psychopaths-similar to the teacher on Pink Floyds-"The Wall"

(And I had handguns before that twat shot all the kids in Dunblane, and everyone was sick to the stomach with his actions, just in case anyone was wondering)

And, IMHO-how you guys in the US put up with "Dunblane's" seemingly happening every other day is beyond my capacity for understanding.

(Dont want to get into a debate-Thank You)

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