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Why are software forums scattered‎?


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I am abit confused, seems that software sections and sub sections are scattered‎ all over the board, plus trial & freeware and not so freeware software are mixed up: Software Updates, News & Updates, Frontpage Software Updates. why not have a central space for software with two sections, Free & Trial and not so Free and Trial

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Level = User

Software update = free to post any software and any update(follow the rules)

FP Software Updates = post to notify update for software listed on fp(nsanedown)

Level = Mod

News and Updates = update for software listed on fp(source might come from "software update" and the main source would be FP SU)

correct me if im wrong B)

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Thanks for the feedback. It's like Software Updates and Frontpage Software Updates. To differentiate between trial and free software we have not really considered. We have allowed for special versions (customized repacks, portable ones) of software listed on the frontpage being allowed posted in general software updates as topics, but maybe we should change that (to be posted in current frontpage topic only).

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Have long been suggested in the Forum's wishlist and even created a topic that suggest to ramified the software section in each of its own category.

Some of it has suggestion to include a non-mandatory prefix tag like [FREEWARE] [sHAREWARE] [PORTABLE] [OPENSOURCE].

The mods might have a good reason having all these mixed up together and we just can't see it yet. :)

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I really think FrontPage should be pulled from a main software section, which should be divided into 3 parts:

1.apps+fixes for those apps

1a. portable & repacks sub section.

2.Freeware & Trial.

This way you go to one section and find it all their, front page should always be behind those sections as its exposure is higher and thus more likely to be deleted sooner.

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The software on the frontpage is featured software (which is picked and tested by our staff).

Other software updates can be posted in the Software Updates section. If you still want to post software, but it's not an update you can post it in the Software Archive.

It's to make sure all posts are up to date and up to certain standards.

Then frontpage is and will always remain easily accessible, but the forums are a bit harder to navigate for more advanced users.

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